4 You Coaching GmbH

4 You Coaching GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2003, and is a corporate consulting firm specializing in executive seminars, employer coaching sessions, success training, and life coaching. 

Ramin Raygan leads the company as its Managing Director, and has over 25 years of experience as a coach and executive. He enjoys integrating elements of meditation in his services. Major companies such as Daimler, Vattenfall, L’Oreal, Mercedes Benz Arena, Basler Versicherungen AG, many top athletes, and a large number of firms and private individuals have already achieved effective results from 4 You Coaching GmbH. 

Loyal, conscientious, and reliable – these are three of Ms. Bürger’s characteristics which I’d like to specifically emphasize. She keeps a cool head even in turbulent times, and shows the kind of commitment executives need. 

She worked as an “Executive Assistant” for many years as a freelance employee. Besides regular responsibilities and tasks, Ms.Bürger worked with us to develop and execute seminars, workshops, and other events.  One high point worth noting, for instance, was when she organized and collaborated on an internal company event with 2,500 participants in the Berlin Tempodrom.

Ramin Raygan
Managing Director
4 You Coaching GmbH