HIT-Reiseclub, Viva D’or & Humboldt Reisen

You’ll spend the best time of your life with us!

The HIT-Reiseclub, Travel Club Viva D’or, and Humboldt Reisen are here to cooperate on behalf of their guests. Each of these companies offers personal and, depending on the area of ​​interest, different itineraries.


The HIT-Reiseclub is an innovative and rapidly expanding tour operator offering its guests selected destinations and the time to experience, wonder, and relax. In cooperation with renowned companies known throughout Germany, we developed and implemented a completely new and highly successful marketing concept.

A high degree of customer satisfaction constantly motivates us to explore and helps us maintain a very special standard.


HUMBOLDT REISEN stands for exclusivity, attention to detail, and a high degree of customer awareness. As one of the largest tour operators for readers’ tours, we have grown successfully in recent years through our range of exclusive trips worldwide. We design our trips for readers of more than 60 of the greatest daily newspaper publishers in Germany.

Discover the most beautiful destinations in the world individually and in small groups.


Since 2005, the Travel Club Viva D'or has been organizing adventure and wellness trips to numerous destinations around the world. We continue to expand in cooperation with well-known publishers from across Germany.

Whether it’s travel packages, getaways, city tours, or individual travel - enjoy our selected hotels, special service, and interesting excursions.


As an above-and- beyond service, all three tour operators have a German Destination Manager for guests on site. That way, each trip is organized in the best possible way, smooth operations are coordinated, and the standard of quality is able to maintain its high level.

This is where Ms. Bürger comes into the picture: As a freelancer with an excellent understanding of service and diplomatic tact, she plays a key role between us, the service providers in the field (such as hotels, agencies, authorities, etc.), and the travel guest. Since 2011, she has temporarily worked for us again and again, which also means added value for our guests–thanks to the familiar face you immediately know you’re in safe hands, even in the most remote places in the world.

As Destination Manager, Ms. Bürger is responsible for, among other things

  • Quality control in all areas
  • 24-hour care of travelers at the destination
  • Assistance with check-in/check- out
  • Product marketing
  • Complaint management
  • Information carrier

We would like to thank Mrs. Bürger for the excellent cooperation and are happy to offer her more jobs in the future as well.

Thomas Ewinger
CEO Hermes Verwaltung

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Traveler feedback:

“Beatrice Bürger was my local contact person. Respect for this woman’s work, who was always friendly and nice to all the guests. Whether it was in the morning, to say good bye to the day trippers, or in the evening to welcome the day-trippers back again with surprises. She of course welcomed the newly-arrived guests and also said good-bye to those departing. I had the impression that this woman has a 36-hour day.”

– Manfred from Göttingen

“A wonderful and competent travel manager, Ms. Beatrice Bürger surprised us all in the hotel with nice gifts, spoiled the birthday kids, and later mailed us a forgotten jacket back to Germany. Many, many thanks, Beatrice! We look forward to coming back!”

– Antje, travel guest through East Germany and Andalusia

“Beatrice Bürger, you rarely meet such a good location manager. There 24 hours a day, always with a smile, it felt good.”

– T. from Oberursel (Taunus)